Basics of Mutual Funds

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I am new to mutual fund, can anyone tell me the good website to get the basics of Mutual funds.

go with that link.. i think here you can find good details about mutual funds...


This is a very good site for MF

Mutual funds invest in stocks, government bonds and other securities. Invest in mutual fund for regular income or long term. The various types of mutual funds help you diversify your investments and thus lower risk. Fund managers at ICICI Prudential can help you make informed investment decisions as per your needs.

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A mutual fund is an entity that pools the money of many investors -- its unit-holders -- to invest in different securities. Investments may be in shares, debt securities, money market securities or a combination of these. Those securities are professionally managed on behalf of the unit-holders, and each investor holds a pro-rata share of the portfolio i.e. entitled to any profits when the securities are sold, but subject to any losses in value as well.

best proforming mutual fund google it and then invest whats suitable for u