Basket order doubt

Suppose I am long in the following scrips on the following dates-

Trade 1 in SBIN 1 lot taken on 5.9.14

Trade 2 in ICICI Bank 1 lot taken on 6.9.14

Trade 3 in Tata Motors 1 lot taken on 7.9.14

Trade 4 in Maruti taken 1 lot on 8.9.14

Trade 5 in DLF taken 1 lot on 9.9.14.

I have total 5 open positions all taken on different days. Now my question is - on 10.9.14, if I want to punch a stop loss using basket order for all the above mentioned trades, how do I do it? Thanks!

You can use the Basket order facility to place SL/SL-M orders.

You’ll have to add the appropriate orders in the Basket and place the order. Select the order type as SL/SL-M.

There’s more explained here:

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You add all these contracts in a Basket Order as Stop Loss Limit orders and PLACE the order in one go.

If you need to modify the values, you can do it individually in the order book.