Basket order execution


dear zerodha

I have a doubt please clarify regarding order execution in basket.

If I have Rs.10000 in my trading account. I fill basket with 11 orders with each order value is Rs.1000. so the value of total basket is 11000.

I place the above order. Then what would happen

Whether total basket cancel or one order of 1000 cancels, then out of 11 which will get cancel.

Here detailed

Total value in trading account= Rs.10000

Total scraps = 11 Nos

Each scrip qty is equal to Rs 1000.

Then total basket order value is Rs.11000.

What will happen if I execute this basket, which order will get cancel? What is mechanism behind


where is the option for basket order?


Are you talking about placing an order through smallcase?


Where can u execute basket order in zerodha?