Basket orders for option strategies

Does Zerodha Kite provide facility to simultaneusly place two or more orders to form a strategy in options.

Hey @Rakesh1,

You can do this using Sensibull

Alternatively, you can also use Sentinel baskets.

How to place basket orders on sensibull

@Sensibull Can you.

@ShubhS9 when can we expect Basket Order feature in Kite ? Many other brokers are already providing this feature either through Nest or through their own platform.

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@siva… when we expect basket order for option stratagies in kite mobile…( not through sensibul )…

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If they introduce basket order in kite, they lose large subscription to sensibull. It’s like quid pro quo

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@nithin…how much time we wait for basket orders for options

Basket order is free for zerodha users. I am using it. I have no subscription

From when in kite mobile ? .Sorry if you are mistaken bracket order.

From the sensibull web application

Within a month these should be out.

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