Basket orders not getting placed in the order I have placed in Zerodha. Whom to contact to rectify this problem? Raising support tickets did not work

I place a combination of buy and sell orders in basket orders for margin benefit. Put the buy order first in the list for the margin benefit. Execute the basket order as soon as market opens but the sell order goes through and is rejected for insufficient funds. Then buy order goes through and it placed. I would then have to place the sell order manually. I have raised the support ticket couple of times but its of no help. I am told to place both buy and sell orders separately. Then what is point of having the option of basket orders. There has to be some mechanism to make sure the orders go through in the order that we have placed them. Can anyone help in how to get this to higher management and get it rectified? @nithin Sir, Please help

Hi @vishal_raj, can you share your ticket number? Will get this checked.

Hi @ShubhS9 As mentioned in the post, the sell leg is getting rejected for insufficient funds. The buy orders I place are within range as they do get placed outside of the basket. The ticket number is #20240515397209 . This ticket has all details with examples and clear explanation of the scenario. Kindly check this, Thank you.

Hi @vishal_raj, checking this. Will get back to you on this.