Bears Find a Place to Hide You have to do it before Winter

Sir but you replied to me yesterday that you are a bear for next few days. What will happen to the bears now?

That is retracement correction nothing to do with investors. Traders don’t worry about market moves.
Trader should know only direction.

If you do pure mechanical trading then forget about news events.

Happy Trading on Dhanteras :pray:

(The writer is the chief investment officer, HDFC Mutual Fund)

Isn’t the inflow of SIPs not enough to grow the AUM, that now they have to instill more faith in common man? :smiley:

PS: There is a fine line between “View” & “Fact”. :wink:

Let me end this note with a thought attributed to Gautam Buddha: “If the direction is right, all you need to do is to keep walking.” Hopefully, even the most ardent critic of economy or of stock markets, will agree that the direction is indeed right.

Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year ahead.

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It’s fact indeed only you have use a lense with optimistic mindsets. You can treat it as a hoax/fiction/view and keep your money in FD. We will talk after 10 years.

Sir, so why were you pessimist a while ago, trying to liquidate your holdings?

U can ignore, scripted ones… Info is always gathered from somebody else and posted here as Analysis n Replies.

Yes true but my perception changed little bit seeing current economics condition. It is most favorable right now. Before I had slight doubt in Demo and then sudden implementation of GST. For long run we are indeed going to the right direction. But in 2018 may be in June we see little correction in the range of 10% - 30%, please don’t ask me why I think so, It’s my intuition.

Sir, so what makes you think you are a subject matter expert to advise me on what to do with my holdings and which asset class I should be investing in and come back report to you in 10 years. Are you a certified intuitive investor Sir?

No I am not in a position to designate myself as a stock market expert, but I can assure you that I have enough IQ to see an optimistic view of economy in foreseeable future. In Warren Buffett’s word “You do not need an IQ of 125, anything more than that it will be wasted.” So very common sense with little analytical abilities will make able see what may happen in future. I may be wrong but I am confident. Anyway I loved your sarcasm. :slight_smile:

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Good to know buddy. :+1: The Market IS the expert. It knows what it has to offer and we have to (as Robert Kiyosaki would “quote”) “Take it or leave it” :wink: