Beginner seeking advise

Hi All,

I have recently started trading about 4 months, i do intraday, but i am facing a few problems, seeking your advise :

  1. There is a lot of articles videos on the internet i do not know where to start and where to end, every-time i see or read something its a whole new scenario, everyone has a different story, and according to me you cant remember everything,
    Question : How do you narrow the learning and start to grow.

  2. For all the trades that i take the moment i execute it, it back fires, tried to understand candlesticks price actions ect but i guess nothing is happening in forward direction.
    Question : How do you define the basics of style and patterns and price action.

  3. If you have any relevant articles or videos where the content is not choppy and confusing, like to create the base, please do share.

Thank you for your time and reading through
Have a great day ahead