BEML land assets - demerged since a few months but not listed yet, why?

BEML demerged its land asset business since few months now, which was to be listed in OCT/NOV 2022, but that is well past but the demerged entity is still not listed.

Anyone knows why?

BEML land &assets ltd (demerger of BEML , record date 09 September) LISTING SOON … have received in principal approval of nse and bse on 23 January wherein SEBI has granted relaxation from rule 19(2)(b) on 08 February .

BEML LAND ASSETS will list on 19.04 after 221 days (7 month plus) which make it third most delayed listing after Hemisphere properties(14 Months ) & Aarti surfcatanats (10 months)…