Best books for investors?

which would be the best books for investors?

Intelligent Investor


see, before advising the kind of books for you.
i would like to know

  1. which type of trader you are like
    short term investor or
    long term investor
  2. how much experience you have of the market like
    you are
    beginner investor or
    intermediate investor or
    expert type of investor.
    these two things are important because,
    no 1 will tell which books to read and
    no 2 will tell what to read.

although, i have shortlisted some books for you on the following basis:
beginner investor:

  1. all about stocks (by esme faerber)
  2. Asset Allocation For Dummies (by Jerry A. Miccolis & Dorianne R. Perrucci)
  3. stock investing for dummies (by Paul Mladjenovic)
  4. getting started in fundamental analysis (by Michael C. Thomsett) - best author
  5. technical analysis for dummies (by Barbara Rockefeller)

intermediate investor:

  1. the intelligent investor (by benjamin graham)
  2. the conscious investor (by john price)- quality book for fundamental analyst - warren buffett likes this book.
  3. Winning With Futures (by Michael C. Thomsett)
  4. Getting Started in Options (by Michael C. Thomsett)
  5. buffettology (by mary buffett and David Clark) - best book on buffett
  6. warren buffett and art of stock arbitrage (by mary buffett and David Clark)
  7. getting started in commodities (by george fontanills)
  8. fire your stock analyst (by harry domash) - good book for fundamental analyst

expert investor:

  1. security analysis (by benjamin graham and david dodd)- must read
  2. methods of wall street master (by victor sperendeo) -rakesh jhunjhunwala likes this book

read the above books , these are all the good books and all topics are been covered. i have read all the above books and are good to read.
and happy trading to you.


While many would recommend books by foreign authors, my first preference for practical investment would be:

  1. “How to AVOID Loss and Earn Consistently in the stock market”, by Prasenjit Paul.
  2. “How to Make Money in Stock”, by William O’Neil (Read initial chapters…just fantastic)
  3. To learn Candlestick pattern ( of Technical Analysis), “JAPANESE CANDLESTICK CHARTING
    TECHNIQUES, A Contemporary Guide to the Ancient Investment Techniques of the Far East,” by STEVE NISON. This is the ultimate book, though a short version is available in Zerodha Varsity.
  4. “All About Market Timing” book, by Leslie N. Masonson.
    To learn technical analysis: . This is excellent site, where it shall teach you clear buy and sell signals.

Read also:

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the book mentioned in the above post,“How to AVOID Loss and Earn Consistently in the stock market”, by Prasenjit Paul has some limitations that it doesnt covers commodities and derivatives as they are other assets to invest. and i would like to recommend the following books of Indian authors,

  1. How to choose winning stocks (by g b r k prasad) (simple book on fundamental analysis)
  2. How to Make Money Trading with Charts (by ashwani gujral) - good book on technical analysis
  3. How To Make Money Trading Derivatives (by ashwani gujral) good book by professional investor on derivatives.
  4. Options & Futures (by d c patwari and anshul bhargava)

there are various sites available for gaining knowledge on technical and fundamental analysis but the question is on books for investors.