Best Charting software in the market?

I want to use the charting softwares other than what zerodha offers,Thanks.

If you are looking for a professional charting tool, the options are Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Esginal, Spider, Metastock, Metatrader, and more.

We at Zerodha are launching our new trading platform Pi, which has advance charting as well , Check this.

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Nithin,many viewers have commented that its fake video,zerodha will never launch,but i know its a false statement,but you guys have created a much hype just like a super star movie release.which evev more worse is is they commented that even your guys dont know what is it is…once i called up to test the pi they told me to install the NEST CHART2.9.3 from your download page…i know pretty well thats not the pi software…and i left the idea of testing pi…ansdawaiting for the release date…