Best e-gold online

what is the best e-gold online?
I want to invest in online gold suggest me?

you can buy egold right from google pay gold locker.

you can buy/sell and get delivery.

Digital gold is not well regulated.
Other better options to invest in gold are gold ETFs and SGB.
What advantage does e gold / digital has over the other two ?

Asking same question again and again in different ways will not give you different answer :slight_smile:

Anyways, for my answer you can refer to your previous post.

E-gold is an emerging and attractive type of investment in Indian culture. It enables you to invest in gold in an electronic way wherein you pay for a certain amount of gold and the fund house reserves your gold safely and securely. You can sell this gold instantly whenever you want to and earn profits.
[Digital gold holds numerous benefits over physical gold, such as security, purity of gold, elimination of making charges, easy accessibility, etc. Because of being digital, the gold can be broken down endlessly and traded according to that. If you want, you can buy 1 gram of gold and that would be available to you.

Some of the features that make an online platform the best to buy e-gold include:

The company should guarantee the absolute purity of gold. It should be 24K 99.99% pure gold if that is promised by the company.

There should be the availability of gold starting from the lowest amount, which means, a person should be able to buy gold according to his/her capability without thinking twice.

It should be easily accessible.

Investing in gold digitally holds a lot of advantages and have proved to be a great technique of investment.

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