Best Indian platform to trade in 2023?

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I would like to know in your current experience which is the best trading platform to trade in 2023 in terms of :

1 ) Execution Time - No Delay or lags

2 ) Good customer support - pick up calls or reply on forums.

3 ) Basic features like bracket orders etc.

Zerodha’s Kite has all these 3 things on the top!

Alternative choice for me is Upstox for OTM options trading using TV Library.

Tried most of the brokers but not settling for any other than these 2.

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Does zerodha allow intraday orders in options
With both stop loss and Target ?

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If systems are working, this is rarely required. Only if things go wrong the customer service comes into play.

Zerodha, without a doubt. I initially started with Groww, but within 1-2 months, I had to switch. Once I tried Zerodha, I never looked back. The features, support, vision, transparency, ease of use, and much more that Zerodha offers are unparalleled and unmatched.

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Yes, it allows intraday.

You will have to use GTT orders in CNC (delivery) mode with Target and Stop Loss.

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Zerodha is best.

I have tried other brokers like IIFL, angel one. Ease of use, features, support process, educational content, (marketing email content etc {very less in Zerodha which is good}) all are best in Zerodha only.

If you’re looking for automating/backtesting as well, then streak+zerodha integration is one of the best I have found.

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why is this?

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Because TV Library has a feature of DOM based trading. You can have a wide view of the orderbook. It helps me to quickly scalp the order book instantly without pressing any button other than the price on DOM. Managing positions on the chart is also easier for making use of the momentum burst in OTMs.