Best indicator combination for short term trading

hi folks,

Can you please let me know the best combination of chart indicators for short term trading (1~3 months)

RSI or stochastics, macd, exponential moving average, volume chart with 10 day moving average, support & resistance or pivot points

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Hi Atif,

Thanks for your response. I tried to bring it on Kite. i could not find Exponential moving average, Can you pls help

I had it for 3M and 1D view. Is it a right way ?

Use moving average for all kinda MAs
EMA, SMA, etc

Click on moving average and then you ll see a dropdown. From there change simple to exponential.

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Just select moving average first & from there on in the type column select exponential

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@AtifHussain @muthu1984 Hi i made the chart. Thanks for your help. Need one clarification 10-Day moving average, how to set it . For 50EMA- ma(50,ema,10,n). Is offset the number of days ? Please clarify.

No in the first column where 10 is written change it to 50 & you will have 50 day ema. If you want two moving average then add one more moving average from the study column

guys so many indicators? how do u manage to focus?

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Too many indicators often leads to confusion. Also it slow down your decision making process(in intraday entry and exit is the key). It will be better if you stick to 2-3 indicator for intraday and 2-5 for short term akka positional trade.


  1. (a) Exponential Moving Average (50)
    (b) Exponential Moving Average (22)
  2. Pivot Points (Standard/Fibonacci)
  3. RSI

on 15 minutes char.


  1. (a) Exponential Moving Average (50)
    (b) Exponential Moving Average (22)
  2. Volume Chart
  3. RSI
  4. Pivot Points
  5. MACD

On daywise chart view

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guys evryone tells what indicators to use but noone shares the ‘logic’ behind … like a stock breaks 52wk high then it will atleast move .5 or 1% but why is it ?

52 week high and low act as very strong resistance and support. Once this level is crossed, It will attract huge TA based trader mainly retail(Not sure about operators and Institutions). That’s why it’s price is likely to go up/down by (0.5 - 1.0)% in case of false breakout, other it will go even higher/lower.

thank you for the explanation … but lots of indicators also there … m very new to trading and trying understanding the real time logic/ppl n stocks behavior behind the indicators …tks brother …

It seems we can’t give different color for uptrend and downtrend in MA

Then read and read and study and study you Duff.
Nobody’s spoon feeding you.
There are lots of online material available.
Just google 52 w high breakout.
EMA strategy, OpeNing range breakout, HL breakout etc


U must try sma 10&21 combination. It’s usedfor 5-10 trading season