Best Indicator / Strategies you think work best

Which are the Intra day Indicator / Strategies you think work best. Have been Successful.


you are wasting your time asking questions like this.

There are not much returns left in intraday trading.

The sooner you come out of this idea of day trading , the better it will be for you.


The best strategy that is working for me is.

  1. When Bullish: Buy low, Sell high.
  2. When Bearish: Sell High, Buy Low.
    Hope this helps

cant get any simpler than this

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If you ask me positional trading is like predicting earthquake. Since i am an intraday guy didn’t lose a penny on 2nd Feb & 5th Feb. So both have its if’s and but’s.

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if it works for you , then great.

but all i m saying is the opportunities for intraday are getting lesser and lesser as years go by.

Positional is all retail trader have a chance if any.

Besides the OP wants a intraday strategy. so please provide one to him.

Dear Ajish,

There are no called intraday indicators available .It depends on time frame which makes intraday / positional.Eg- time frames from 1 min to 15 mins usually generates buy / sell trades whereas 30 min to daily are positional trades.If you want to get success trades then your strategy should be different from normal text book study.


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