Best place to get mt4/mt5 data once pi bridge plus is launched?

Pi bridge plus is around the corner. What are some good services to get data for metatrader software?

There are lots of good data vendors are available, like  neotradeanalytics, esignal, globaldatafeeds etc., and neotradeanalytics is giving free trail for zerodha clients, you can try.

None of them support MT4/5. :frowning:

neotradeanalytics is giving for Metastock(MT4) am sure, you can contact them once.

MT4/5 is meta trader. Metastock is different. BTW when is pi bridge plus releasing? It was due last week right?

with neofeedplus we can connect i think, not sure , i have n’t used MT4, pi bridge plus hoping to release in 1 or 2 weeks, waiting for the same :slight_smile: