Best place to see market depth?

Zerodha’s market depth for 5 top orders works fine. But the 20 order market depth is many times bugged. It shows wrong info. Even, when it works, the speed is slow for 20 order market depth. It takes a few seconds in 20 market depth to update the order book.

From last 1 month, 20 order market depth is not working half the time. So my questions are:

1.) Which other brokers show more than 5 order market depth?

2.) Which broker’s market depth is best?

If a company provides market depth via API, that also works for me.

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It is not working for past many months. Other than the promise that it will be fixed nothing has happened.

To my knowledge no other broker provides the 20 level market depth data.


Yes I have also faced problems in 20 market depth. Sometimes it doesn’t get updated and other times wrong static data is shown.
@nithin Can you ask your technical team to work on this ?


Yeah, we are facing some issues with 20 depth. The infra for this is in the exchange colo and accessing and fixing things take time. We also use a vendor service to power this and we are working on moving it in-house.


still not solved sir @nithin