Best Platform to Manage all the Investments

Hello Group Members, I am searching for a good platform/option to view and evaluate my complete financial portfolio. I want to see all my Stock, Mutual Funds, SGB, PPF and FD in one place. I also want to track the performances of these investments. Is there any option available?

I found Moneycontrol Portfolio option providing a similar kind of thing. But is it safe to provide all the details to moneycontrol?

Please share your valuable thoughts regarding this issue.

you can use moneycontrol. don’t share real name, cell no, if you worried about your privacy & financial details. Alternately you can create google spreadsheet which covers all equity with live 1 min data from google finance.

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Have a look on IndMoney app…

May be you are searching for that

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Hello @Stevo thanks for your suggestion. I want to know one thing, is this app (Indmoney) safe to use? Because it is asking my PAN and DOB details also they are saying that, they will auto fetch my credit cards, loans, Credit Score etc.

Above all, just think that how would any platform track allllll your investment in one place until and unless you don’t feed once the details of it?

I have been using it and it syncs perfectly. It automatically tracks the MF investments from mail, stocks via zerodha, credit card score n Cibil score via Pancard… i loved it. Initially i too had an hesitation but after researching more on it, i was fine…

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