Best stock scanner/screener?

I am starting intra day trading & I haven’t found a good scanner for Indian stock market. Is there any?

The best would be IRIS Stock Screener from SPIDER Software.

This is going to cost you over 40K for a year in Subscription.

However, Assuming you are just starting on your trading journey, please don’t waste all your capital on tools and training.
Because when you ready in about 2-3 years and the trumpet blows for you to face the real battle, you will be run out of ammunition (capital).

Zerodha Pi Scanner offers good value at Zero cost.

In about 2-3 years you wont need any tools either.

Here is one strategy where you don’t need any such tools:

you might heard about The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
I think same apply for market, the top gainer gain more at the end of day same for looser.
If market gain (NIfty or Midcap) keep eye on Gainers otherwise looser
As i am price action trader i watch these as my scanners !!
And @portfolioplus911 's 15 min. breakout strategy is also good.

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