Best tax saving fund in Coin?

Can someone suggest or help in choosing a best tax saving fund in coin right now?

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  1. DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund
  2. Axis Long Term Equity Fund
  3. Franklin India Tax Shield Fund (not available on Coin)
  4. Reliance ELSS Tax Saver Fund
  5. Birla Sunlife 96 Relief Fund

pick any one from the above (except # 3 of course)

When invested in a tax saving fund, how to submit the amt invested in the fund during that year to claim tax exemption?

@Vijay- is your query about investment proof?

Yes, what is the investment proof?

Hi. I also have a similar query regarding the investment proof. How do we produce the proof of investment in these tax saving funds?

Hey guys,

Once you’ve done the investment in ELSS funds, you will find the investment proof in Portfolio section of Coin.
See the attached screenshot

Can we download the statement? And submit the same as proof?

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Yes you can submit this as an investment proof

I need to invest in a fund for less than a year. Are these funds suitable for tax saving, if my period is less than a year?

All Tax Saving funds have a lock-in period of 3 years.

Kotak TaxSaver is also a very good option to invest in.

I requested for statement from CAMSONLINE and my investment is AXIS long term equity fund was missing from it?
Also, i do not see my MF investments in MFUTILITY

Why cant i see my investment in MFUTILITY? it is very easy for me to track.


1)- Motilal most long term
2)-Mirae tax saver

Presently I would say Reliance tax saver fund and birla sun life 96 fund are the best.

Quick question about investment proof.

Let’s say we invested 10k in a Mutual fund and current standing of Mutual fund is 9900. So we’ll have tax exemption of 10k or 9900?


Invested amount (10K in your case). is the exempted from tax.

If it was current standing than everybody would wait for NAV to go lowest and then file the return :slight_smile:
In that case, Filing IT Return would have an option of SRF (Systematic Return Filing). JK.

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Hi I am planning to begin Mutual Fund investments this year. My salary account is different from the bank account I have linked with Zerodha. If I make payments from the account linked with zerodha and get the investment proof as instructed above, will I get tax exception without fail? Is there any condition that the payments should be from my salary account for tax exception? Thanks in advance

Nothing like that.