Best techinical tool for intraday trading using PI?

is it good to use expert advisor to generate alerts ?

or simply use technical analysis tools as a re-confirmation for our actions ?

Expert Advisors are good to start with you can also use techincal analysis, i suggest to do little research/study on indicators and can apply

In Varsity it is explained very clearly

you can use and studied ichimoku cloud and best combined intcator setups

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already read varsity . i do futures intraday . but do not use any of the technical analysis tools on PI . i do fairly ok on my tech.analysis ,
an electronic confirmation would make life easier .
can you give me some simple tools on PI to use for signal suggestion ?

can you explain in a little more detail ?

i am also try study ichimoku,i thing best way use simple,urself also try studied and use it,otherwise no use trading