Best trending commodity

WHich according to you is the best trending commodity?

Do you want to know best commodities for trading ?


Wanted to know which commodity is currently trending up or down ?

Clarify what you need

i would like to know which is the best commodity which usually trends well by nature.

Good rains means good agriculture output. You need to watch crop plantation details ahead across regions.

Good Rains will be good for Fertilizer, Seeds, and two wheelar, finance companies, jewellery etc.

Which commodity, sorry I don’t follow commodities.

For new traders commodities are the best place to loose money faster. That is what I know.

Could you refrain from answering to questions which do not relate to you please? You don’t even follow follow commodities yet making a statement that commodities are the best place to loose money faster. The forum is a place where we can hear from the horse’s mouth… General comments like your’s can be found even on Google.

If we learn from others mistakes that is also called knowledge.

One of my friends lost money in commodities. I learned this from his experience.

Your question itself says, you want to learn from someone.

Your question itself tells you didn’t have spoken to anyone who traded commodities.

Show me one person who is not dealing in physical commodities and making money in commodities futures trading.

Let zerodha publish how many commodity traders are there with them and how many are making money.

Let them share their experience I will also learn commodities without spending anything.

One life time is not sufficient to Learn everything with own experience, so is the reason for your question posted here.

Next time try to phrase the question properly you will get better faster answers.

You are asking questions on commodities for last two years, so I agree you know better than me. That might have taken you my answer as ridiculing. My appolizes for that.

Hope the below will help you. See over view and go down and see list of commodities and their trends.

Thanks bud, really appreciate the link… however did not understand your previous reply ‘If we learn from others…’ anyways, thanks for making an attempt :slight_smile: