Better trade execution method to buy shares in demand?

(e,g) Today a stock has hit Upper Circuit Limit right from the time of opening at 9.15 am till 3.30pm…I know for sure for some reasons that the stock will hit Upper Circuit tomorrow also from opening.
I will be thankful if any experienced trader or Zerodha staff would suggest the best method of buying that stock tomorrow::
(1) Can we put AMO order at MARKET rate today after 3.45 pm?
(2)Can we put MARKET order during pre-open maket(9 to 9.07am) next day?
(3)AS we know the Upper Circuit Price for next day before 9am itself, can we put LIMIT Order at the Upper Circuit price during tomorrow pre-open session OR at the normal maket opening at 9 am.?
Kindly suggest a method for better execution.
Thanks in advance

I tried below long back , so i remember very vaguely :stuck_out_tongue: you may try below

Put LMT AMO order at UC with disclosed quantity =your buy quantity

Note: It might happen that stock open at UC and you will get stock at UC after 5-30 mins of premarket/market open. You may cancel your order though if order not filled during the preopen

2nd combined with 3rd one works out try once