Bharat Bond April 2032 ETF

After the Bharat Bond April 2032 ETF allotment, I got a refund confirmation of about Rs 1000, but this has not been credited yet to my account(s): Zerodha says that the RTA has not released the funds, while Edelweiss says that they “uploaded” the payout on December 14 itself.

Has anyone else faced this problem? Even though the amount is small, it is a bit scary that investor funds can just fall through the cracks without a trace like this.

This is recurring problem with Bharat Bond and Zerodha (not sure who is the culprit).
I had faced this issue in 2031 series too. That time it took around a month, after which refund came through.
Also, refund was made in zerodha account and not in bank account.

For 2032 series, me too have not got refund yet. Luckily this time I knew this would happen, so I had added Rs. 100 in application, so refund amount is relatively low.

@psr I think refunds are processed now. I got it in my zerodha account on 4-Jan