Bhavcopy in new website of NSE

NSE is about to close their old web site. I could not found equity & FO bhavcopy in their new web site. Please tell me if anyone knows about it.

Here You Go.

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Thanks Shubh59, I found equity bhavcopy there but there is no bhavcopy for FO. Can you please tell me exact path for FO bhavcopy?

There are three tabs there, Capital Market ~ Derivatives ~ Debt, go to Derivatives page.

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Thank you. I found bhavcopy for FO in Derivatives tab.

Is 2% discrepancy normal in closing prices in kite vs bhavcopy? eg. 37000PE closing is 296 in bhavcopy, 314 in kite chart @sn2006 @ShubhS9 @
please share me any post link or reason for how these trades happen at else than 3:30pm price.
also for same example, i found there is no CE data for BNF 16-12-21 while there is all other FnO data, how is this possible?

The price in Bhavcopy is final settlement price of the day. While the price on charts is LTP.

Can you elaborate?

Go to nse website , and download bhavcopy. On the excel, you get all data except the mentioned.

Can be some issue in updating the sheet from NSE.

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