Bid and offer question

if market price is 5.80

Bid price 5.80-50,000 ask 5.90-2,00,000

Bid price 5.75-2,00,000 qty ask 5.95-1,00,000

Bid price 5.70-7,00,000 ask 6.00-2,00,000

Bid price 5.65-1,00,000 ask 6.10-2,00,000

Bid price 5.60-7,00,000 ask 6.15-2,00,000 at 10.30.24 am

is this condition

now i bid this share at 5.80 of 2500 qty so the bid price is 50,000 change into 52,500 is it???

after some time it become 70,000 bid qty at 10.35.20 am

still my order is not executed,its in queue

My question is

1)at 10.36.10 am

if i am edit the order and now change 2500 qty to 3000 qty

is My order come last in queue

or still in intermediate position

When you modify an order, the order number doesn’t change, so your status on the queue doesn’t change. You still hold the same position.

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