Bids & Offers scenario question

Can someone please help understand this scenario with Kohinoor Foods.

Bids are way higher still its falling

Behind the screen the Order books are fully manipulated by Automatic Algorithms to lure in vulnerable Traders and Investors.

Moreover you cannot interpret any useful info from this little 5 level book when your competitors are looking at the 20 level a few seconds earlier than you.

The order books in India, works something like this chicken trap.


Trading in snap quote itself is dangerous.It should be combined with technical study.
The above junior snap shot shows LHS is greater than RHS .The LHS belongs to writers and here price is difficult to move up as writers always has upper hand over buyers.For every writer one buyer so be there.This is one view but other would say reverse.Bottom line is its controversial subject.So combine with other tech indicators to get entry points depending on time frame

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I have commented on this earlier few times. Also besides level 5 view, other thing is disclosed quantity. This disclosed quantity feature is used by big institutions to hide away actual size from retail traders.

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Maybe the algos are modifying the bid limit prices (based on offers) and dragging the LTP down