BIRLACABLE Ticker Stuck since 25th Oct. 2017

Hey Guys,
I have added BIRLACABLE (NSE ticker) to my watchlist in Kite platform. The ticker seems to be stuck at 53.30 and does not show any updates since 25th Oct, 2017. Is it a bug ? If so who should I contact to fix it ?

Birlacable has been trading in the BE category since 26 Oct 2017.

Add ‘Birlacable BE’ to your watchlist and trade it that that category.

Please note that you cannot perform intraday/BTST trades in a BE stock, only delivery based trades allowed.

Thank you Srinivas.
Sites like moneycontrol n all keep updating the price for birlacable. I guess they include all the categories. Need to check all categories then.
On more question… Is it possible to sell the regular stock in the BE category ?

Yes, you can sell it in the BE category because that is the category it is currently trading in. But note that once you sell, you cannot buy it back on the same day because intraday trading isn’t allowed in BE stocks.

On NSE India, you can check the series under the stock name:

On BSE India, you can check the group under the stock name:

BE category in NSE is the same as T category in BSE. BE stands for Book Entry and T stands to Trade to Trade, implying that these stocks can be traded only after they are credited to the Demat account.

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