Black Friday Sale is Fully ON ! 🛒

We are having a huge discount in stock prices due to various factors like Covid New Variant which was detected recently and sluggish local market sentiment from last few weeks.

Which Stocks are in your shopping list during this Black Friday Year end Sale ? :grinning:

Screenshot from 2021-11-26 13-50-52


I’m personally buying banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank , SBI , Some auto stocks like maruti, hero and adding pharma stocks which act as defensive bets during uncertain times.


Tata motors, Ashokley and more of ITC. :sweat_smile:

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Today reminded me of 2020 crash. A lot of stocks were down by 4-5%. :smiley:. Looking to buy Pharma stocks and maybe real estate too.

Same. But I took the pack. Bank nifty as a whole.

Various sectors on the loop

Anybody did black friday shopping? If yes…it must have been a good deal :smiley: Market has bounced back smartly

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Year end Black friday sale is on… :grimacing: :heart_eyes: Frankly, I love red days. Value can be witnessed in many counters.

Time to shop again for Budget and other upcoming events. Darr k aage jeet hai (Investing me)


Black Friday Sale extends to monday. Who is taking the risk of buying their portfolio stock here?

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I always add on dips for long term :slight_smile:

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I did bajaj finance hdfc

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Awesome @Jason_Castelino which sectors and stocks are looking mouth watering to add at current levels as per u?

@ksksat great picks. these both companies are evergreen picks in nifty finservices space. what else are u looking to buy.

Added one lot of bank nifty and nifty each. Took it in future cos my cash is parked in debt instruments. So i have to redeem them and then convert futures to niftybees and bankbees.

I am comfy with large caps and I didn’t want to the do the hardwork of picking stocks. So the index.

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@Prakashsingh I am eyeing heg at 1400 levels rbl bank below 160 laurus labs below 450

Dont have cash so all this only after salary day

If market recovers i will not add.

Already fully invested :slight_smile:



Pl check HUL , Blood bath market today still HUL looking good in charts for short term

Great catch @hitesh_modi ji.

Risk reward looks fantastic. More fireworks above 2300

Its that time of the season again. We are once again getting offers. Start buying slowly but surely.

Yeah. I started participating in the sale again.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop XD.

Had my share of Shopping from the supermarket today and had a small favorable speculative bet on TATAELXSI. Ending the week on a good note💆

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What’s up Friends? Are you panicking ? If yes, ask yourself only one question - Will Russia attacking Ukraine impact the company u hold massively ? if not - relax and buy more if u can, if not, just watch the show…it will help u learn more about mrkts and be useful in ur journey :slight_smile: