Blocking money for GTT buy order

Does Zerodha allow blocking amount specifically for a GTT buy order, so that money is not utilised for other purchases ?

I am not aware of such feature in Zerodha. But if GTT gets triggered and you do not have sufficient funds, the order will be rejected. @ShubhS9 Can you confirm ?

Funds will be not blocked when a GTT order is placed. Funds will be debited only when the GTT is triggered and as @Anikethan mentioned, if there are insufficient funds, the order will be rejected.

Yes, I got that. I would like to get an option where I would like to reserve funds for some specific orders, but not all GTT order. Like a good stock I want to purchase if it falls below a certain level.

@sabeeshvk : Currently there is no such option available, thank you for your suggestion we will look into this. Whenever the GTT order is triggered you will get a kite notification and email about the order triggered. By any chance, if do not have sufficient funds at that time, you can instantly transfer funds and place an order for that scrip.