Blocking of Margin for Equity Trading

Hello Zerodha Team,
Quickly wanted to check with you. When I place Buy Limit order for multiple stocks in Equity segment my margin gets blocked for all the stocks I have put the order for. Assume I am putting order 10 Stocks worth 1 Lac each with Limit price my 10 Lac full margin gets blocked. there are days where I want to place 20 orders but want only 10 stocks once which gets filled other orders will get rejected based on my nill balance.

Is there a way to adjust the margin once the trades is done. Can you please suggest any alternative.

Also, Are you planning to have some leverage products trading for Zerodha clients like SAMCO

May be you can try bracket or cover orders.they provide a little more leverage than MIS orders…so that u can place more number of orders for a given amount available in your trading account…read somewhere that margin for delivery trade is coming to Zerodha…I have no idea when it’s going to be available…your guess is as good as mine

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Thanks a lot PR1743 for your assistance.