Blog with spam

This blog seems to be attacked regularly with spam. I’m surprised to see that Zerodha instantly deletes my message (or somebody else) when we write about issues faced in Pi or Kite but these spam messages are not handled. Zerodha is losing its brand value which they have built with a good platform but such immature behavior is just not helping the cause.

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Yes, there are some click farms indulging in active spamming on tradingqna. We didn’t really want the first question to mandatory be approved to show up on tradingqna. But looks like that is the only way to block these spammers. We will do something about it.

Btw, this forum is not meant for Zerodha support related issues. The plan is to promote sharing of knowledge. If we start taking Zerodha queries here, it will become like our support portal which we don’t want to .

If you have suggestions etc, do visit our blog and post it on relevant posts. You can also email [email protected]

you can use CAPTCHA to block the spam.

We already use captcha, these are mechanical bots, as in humans sitting and manually entering.