Bo and co order problem

Hi This is Ashik my client id is ys2005…if i am placing BO with limit order means it will automatically bought by market order…this things happen in Co order order… for example if i place icici share with brocket order with means…icici cmp is 309…But in limit order i place manually to buy 310 in price…also sl is 1 rs and Target is 1.5 rs…after this i placed order means…it will automatically buy at market price…i don’t know why u give limit order…u can remove that from option because it will automatically go for market order only…please solve this issue we already lost so much amount because of this problem…we placed limit order for our level…if it is purchased with mkt order means …then why that option…we need right solution for that… immediately…

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bo are limit order, it will execute on the price you enter only
if you want to place that with market order, place your order with co

I am 100 per sure…in bo order limit are not working…u can try it…if u proved means i will give 1 lakh to …its challenge for u…if i want to buy bhel at 98… but cmp is 97…so i go to Bo order with limit …in that buy price i entered 98…but it will bought at 97 only…i am sure about it…need correction for this

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Sure, You will Give 1 Lakh??

If one mention above market price in limit order type then obviously it will get traded at current market price, that is expected behavior.
If one want to buy at price higher than CMP then one has to select SL option in BO. BO entry with SL is available only on



Have A look My BUY Order is Open at 98 Using BO.

U put stop loss as above ltp price …u give 1 rs stop loss and 1 rs target n go ahead

Also u using BO with sl order…not limit.ok

Hey Brother @Ashik166 This is How it Works.
Open Kite 3.0

Now, You Open BO.
To Buy Above Current Market Price.

Steps to Follow:-

  1. Select the SL (Radio button)
  2. Now put the Qty.
  3. Price at which you wanna Buy.
  4. Trigger Price is 98 (What ever the Price will come after 98 it will Buy)
  5. Stop-loss is 1
  6. Target is 1.
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But how is it a limit buy order then?

U have entered 98 as buy price & 98 as trigger price.

Just asking bcuz I haven’t started using kite 3.

For Co???

If you know hindi plz type in hinglish at least. Your english I no understand. I very problem with english. No understand your english.

Now coming to your problem… I like your confidence…"problem toh hai hi"
There is no problem in any order executions. You need to read more and understand better.
Limit order need to be below CMP/LTP for it to wait for execution and for you to get your desired price. For sell it is above CMP. If you put Buy Limit above CMP, the order will behave just like market order.

Opposite is true for SL orders.

If you want your order to wait till price is reached…
Buy below, Sell above LTP ---- for limit
Buy above, Sell below LTP - for SL

If you want your order to be executed at once…
Buy above, Sell below LTP ---- for limit
Buy below, Sell above LTP - for SL

U dont know english?? Sry i dont know hindi

When the current market price is 97 and you enter limit price as 98, the order will be executed at market price. If you want to buy a share ONLY at 98, then you need to use SL/ SL-M and not limit.

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That will make two.

Hey Ashik,

Same thing happend with me 3 times. First I thought I am making mistakes in placing order as I am new. Later on I took snapshot before placing order and I asked the person who regularly puts order. He confirmed your order is ok but something wrong with software. I am not using any application. I directly places order through Kite website from PC so no issue with version as it should be obviously latest. Let me know if you find or any one knows solution for this. I already lost some money due to software bug.