BO and CO orders

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If I do BO or CO in option buying
While the price come near my SL price, Is the SL order will be hit be SL or by SLM…beacuse many times SL order did not work in volatile market mainly in options
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The Stoploss leg of Cover Order is SL-M, so once it is hit it will execute at best available price in the market.

The Stoploss leg of Bracket Order is SL-L (Limit).

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That means If my SL is at 100
If it jump jump down from 105 to 95
CO order will executed at 95 but BO order not

Btw …Thank u :+1:


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For Example XXX Stock cmp is 100.
I want to take an entry in cover order at Exact price of 101 and a stop loss of 100.
Is it possible in Cover Order ?

You won’t be able to do this as Cover Order only supports Market and Limit orders, to buy a stock over CMP you will have to use SL or SL-M order which isn’t available for CO.