BO clearing member id has been changed

Hi , Why im getting email from services cdsl stating that my BO clearing member id has been changed from old value to new value ? Thanks.

Does different brokers also have same clearing memeber id for my BO id?
Bcz im having demat with 3 brokers , though currently using zerodha only , email stating that for all 3 different brokers clearing member id are same for my BO id and now have changed for all 3 different brokers from old to new value but same value for all 3 , how can it be , diffenrt brokers should have different clearing memeber id not ?

Related Question: Can an individual have 3 demat accounts. I was told that each individual can have only one demat account and you can change brokers by closing one and opening with another but demat will remain unchanged.

Would like to get a clarity on this.

You can have multiple demat accounts. Brokers are service providers just like Bank. Exchanges refer to PAN across brokers to track if something is necessary.

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You can have multiple demats with one broker.
You can have many demats across different brokers.
You can have only one trading account per broker.

I don’t think on one PAN Card, you can open multiple demat with the same broker.

Ah, you are right. Its special situation

Hi can anyone clarify this ,
Here given the email format sennt from [email protected]

Details Modified Of Demat Account In CDAS on 22-MAY-21.
Dear … ( My Name )
Your Demat Account Number : …
This is to inform you that following details are modified/updated in the aforesaid demat account held with Depository Participant

Modified Field Details Old Value New Value
BO’s Clearing Member ID

If the change has not been initiated by you, please contact your Depository Participant (DP) immediately. In case DP is not responding or provides unsatisfactory replies, you are requested to register your complaint against DP at
Warm Regards,
Central Depository Services (India) Limited.

in the abv message , my old value and new value are same for 3 brokers , how it could be ? say for zerodha value should be different from other 2 brokers and each should differe from others not ?

Refer to this thread

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Thanks Prayag sir .

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