BO/CO have less leverage than MIS?


I totally understand your point. There are technicalities etc we users do understand and are considerate but sometimes it’s literally too much. Recently I updated the pi software to the latest update and surprisingly a lot of useful things seem to have been removed from the new version.

  1. Can’t find Upper circuit limit and lower circuit limit in snapquote window.

  2. No script property window which was present earlier. (useful to see the expiry date, max order limit etc)

  3. Now in the NFO segment all the things are added in the only two segment Opt and Fut whereas previously the segments of equity derivatives and index derivatives were differentiated and it was easy to use. JUST WHY? The ease of use tend to have been diminished and you have to manually type then search what you are looking for and it takes more time.

  4. Now you can open multiple snapquote windows. I personally don’t like it but I think it is usefull and a welcome add on but its greatest flaw is if you happen to double click multiple snapquote windows are opened of the same script which I think could be prevented. Different script multiple snapquote window is great or multiple snapquote of the same script for BSE and NSE is good but clearly multiple snapquote of the same script could be stopped.

Zerodha should fix these things soon because they were good features and have been removed. In time if it doesn’t happen and looks if you are no longer capable of providing the same service you did earlier it would be a welcome move to switch boats.


What ever Zerodha does is for traders benefit and for some good reasons