BO Failing For Yes Bank

I am trying to execute a BO on Yes Bank in PI. The margin limit for the same as per Zerodha is 27.8 X. I tried to execute 200 numbers at 288.95. The request was rejected saying margin limit is not available.

I have 13.3 K around in the account and I just need 2.7 K for this order to execute. Please see the image attached here


Are you sure that you are executing an “MIS” order? This error you get when you execute “CNC” order with less amount than required, usually.

I did Shift+F3 (For Bracket Order) in PI. I guess BO are by default MIS. Not sure if I am missing anything here. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

in BO/CO margin also depend on your stoploss

  1. Check if you have any pending orders.
  2. Check if leverages are changed, as they are dynamic and based on volatility.
  3. Check the stoploss you are providing, if it is too far then margin will also increase accordingly.