BO limit CO for commodity

why dont we have bracket order for commodity or limit cover order for commodity?

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Explained here:

Guy i want help of everyone
When i was placeing order for commodity mis then BO is not available then I’m placing order with CO order but i dont know how to place taeget price so im always do losses.
I want to know if im placing order with CO order then how i will place target price after the order executed please help me

You can’t place Target for Cover Order.
When your position turn into Profit and you think It’s sufficient Then to exit you need to go into Order book and click on Exit and Your position will close.

You can’t place Target for Cover Order.,only SL is AVAILABLE, BO not works in MCX ,

Upstox provides Bracket order for commodity futures.
When will Zerodha provide bracket-orders for commodity?

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