BO Limit : Why this happened?

i have put a sell BO with limit of 481.9.
but still the order was executed at 482.2 .

why did this happen? this shouldnt happen in the case of limit , right ?

It means there was buyer available at higher price the time your order went live.

When u sell something, if there is buyer available above the price you chose, it will sell to that price and the remaining quantity will sit at the price u entered.

likewise when u buy something and there is seller already available below your price it will buy his stock and remaining quantity will wait for someone to sell for your price.

@Joe_Maxpayne … thanks . that was helpful.

so what can be done ? if i have specific price below which i would like to short ? should i put a limit of even lower than my target ?? for example if i want to sell at 100 or below , should i put limit of like 99 or 99.50 ??

If you want to sell in main leg below current market price then you can use SL to enter.