BO,MIS, limit order not excecuting

BO, MIS limit Order are excepting on market price. which is very risky. Seems zerodha is not able to handle lakhs of clients . To save our self Better we will have to look for other providers. This is serious problem. Kindly resolve asap . Not only me from my entire group we face from all kite web kite3 kite app

To buy above the market price…you need to place SL buy orders and to sell below current market price you need to use SL sell orders.

If you place a Limit buy order above market price it will get executed at market price, if you place a limit sell order below market price it will get executed at market price.

This is common with all brokers.

I hope this helped :slight_smile:

This is because, not just you but your entire group is full of stupid people.
You have ZERO knowledge of trading. And still trying your luck in it. This is no lottery dear. Go and play 3 patti for that.
Sorry for my harsh words. But I have seen lots of young people like you who think this is a betting game.
And as that is the case with you, so obviously you are stupid as ass. And by the indication of the company that you keep, ie your group of stupid people. That is the confirmation of mass stupidity.
Final sign of stupidity- started blaming others (here broker) for own stupidity.

What the hell did you expect to happen when you put buy limit above LTP?

If your are feeling angry for me calling you and your group stupid…
Then go and use that anger in studying the trading first.
And chill

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At this rate you will need to put in rs 500 in a jar after each trade

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Facing the same issue here

Comment karne se pehle baki comments toh padh lete genious