BO order for CNC (across days)

Please introduce BO for CNC across days. It would be convenient if you just want say 5-6% in few days or weeks and close the trade asa target or stop-loss is hit.

Is this availble in streak?


BO is an intraday product.

No. You will have to set some kind of price alerts.

BO today is a intraday product. This I understand…

For intraday it also helps to get move leverage.

Across days it is more of convenience than leverage. Streak guys, can you introduce this ?


Do you mean BO with zero leverage?

I think you are referring to the GTC code.

BO is for leverage…I believe what is is requesting is GTC order for target and stop loss for his holding

I think u need good till cancel orders

GTC would work but it should cancel other order automatically…

It would be nice to see Zerodha integrating Sentinel and Streak, so alerts can get actively managed and acted upon.

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Thanks @nithin @NithinKamath for GTT !

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