BO Order in market depth

Let us say I put BO order with limit 500 and SL/target both at 10 point diff i.e. 490 and 510 respectively. Assume that stock is still trading between 490 to 510 so no SL/target is yet triggered. My question in this scenario "Will my SL/Target order appear in market depth visible by other traders OR it still does not exist in market depth" ?


Yes both the Target and the Stop Loss will appear in the market depth window and it will be visible to others. Once either of the orders get executed, the other one gets cancelled automatically.


As per my understanding, only the target order qty, will be visible in the market depth window as it is a limit order.

The stop loss order qty won’t be visible in the market order as it will either be a SL-M or a SL-L order. It won’t be triggered unless the SL is triggered!