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Hey Everyone,

I’m new to trading and Zerodha. I had a few doubts regarding Bracket Orders. If someone can clarify then that would be really helpful -

  1. When we modify stop loss leg in a BO order, does the modified stop less remains dynamic (if we had put trailing stop loss) or it becomes static?

  2. If we try to modify bracket order stop loss leg then suppose if the trade had got filled in a number of trades then we have to go to each and every stop loss leg and have to modify them individually. Isn’t it inconvenient? There should be some feature to modify all at once. Please let me know if this feature is already there somewhere in the app.

  3. If we want to place 10 different orders at once in different different stocks then I suppose there’s no way to do that. Am I right ? If no then how can we do it on KITE ?

  4. Is there a feature in BO which asks at what point we would want our trailing stop loss to become static. Means - if we buy a stock in BO at let’s say 120 with a stop loss at 118, trailing sl of 1 and target 130. Then if the price of stock moves to 122 our sl comes to 120 right. At this point(or could be any other point given the the trader) there should be an option(which we specify while placing the original BO order itself) which could fix it at 120 and then not trail it at all. This would ensure that either we take our target profits, or some profits less than the target or nothing at all. This will make sure we are not going in loss no matter what. Is there anything like this on Zerodha ?



I had seen a lot of altruists here which had prompted me to create this account. But as soon as I entered this forum, all seem to have run somewhere. Looks quite similar to my trading. As soon as I enter the trade, the price starts moving in the opposite direction. Common guys. At least help me with this. I’ll figure out the other one

It is dynamic.

One has to modify each leg for now, will take time to give option to modify all legs at a time on kite.

One has to place each order separately.

Not possible, there can be multiple combinations which we can create using BO, each one can’t be added as feature, also giving more options will make it more complicate.

Hi Siva,

Thanks for replying. Agree with all your answers. Except one. The first one. Are you sure about this? That it remains dynamic? Because I have contacted zerodha customer care as well on this and they said it becomes static if we modify the stop loss leg of an executed bo order. Also, I read somewhere too that it remains static. I think best way is to experiment it myself. But still I think may be @nithin sir can help

Dynamic means what? if you change stop-loss it will be changed and if trailing is there it will start trailing from new stop loss price.

By dynamic I mean that if you change the sl here, then even if you had kept trailing sl while placing the bo order, it won’t trail.

Anyhow this way it works- if you change stop-loss it will be changed and if trailing is there it will start trailing from new stop loss price.

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