BO SL & TSL issue in Kite

I am sending emails regarding this since last few days, but not getting any feedback from Support team in this regards. Hence posting this in this forum as well.

  • Today I have purchased GBPINR Futures @ 88.9125 thru BO with a SL of 0.1000 i.e 88.8125 With a trail of (0.1500) and target of 0.3500 (89.2625) . I have attached a screenshot of the same as last time you told me that there was no Trail placed by me (but i was sure, i did) hence I asked you to send me a screenshot of the same which i haven't received till date.
  • Inline image 1

  • For almost 2 & 1/2 hrs..GBPINR futures couldn't cross up my trail of 0.1500 so remain @ 88.8125. Suddenly around 1.30pm it went past to 89.2200 (4075 points up from my original Stop loss and Today's High till time) Image attached then  came down swiftly and started moving around 89.1200. By this time my SL should have trailed to 89.1125 but it had not happened and my SL was still sitting at 88.8125. Since i was not able to edit SL in kite I changed (lowered) my target to 89.1500 which was earlier 89.2625.
  • Inline image 2

  • I immediately logged in to Pi and then changed my SL to 89.1125 which hit around 1.38 pm.

What i want to point out is 

  1. Modifying SL order is not possible in KITE 
  2. Trailing SL is also not happening in KITE

kindly rectify these issues on Urgent basis. Because, later this GBPINR retraced and came down 88.4775. If i would not have changed by SL manually, it could have hit my original SL of 88.8125 and my Position would have been in LOSS.

Thanx & Regards,

as because you have to place 1 if u use absulute. or if u use ticks thenu have to to put20 ticks… because to NSE script the minimum absulute is 1 and ticks 20. so u can’t put less then this

Pls. Read carefully. Iit was currency futures, not equities or equity derivatives. Further it allowes you to place a TSL of 0.0500 (in currency futures) if you put a fugure less that it KITE doesn’t allow you to place the order and i had placed 0.1500 as a TSL figure which is thrice of it.
The truth is BO in KITE has flaws which i have mentioned above and support team is not aware of this (even if i have emailed them repearedly regarding this). Only the thing is that, i am facing this daily as i trade in currencies. I don’t know whether they are present in other segment also or not.