BO type orders possible for Deliverable?

I know that while trading in intra day i have option for BO wherein i can mention my target and stop loss prices.

Would like to know if there is any order type for deliverable’s that allows me to do the same, right now i set stop loss daily since it expires daily at market close but my problem is with Target price execution.

If i can not can somebody suggest a hack way around this, this is required as i generally do my analysis before the market opens and then go to office. For me to be constantly looking at price movements is a bit difficult.

No one click solution available for refreshing your target orders every day. You will need to continue placing fresh orders everyday.

A workaround can be implemented using KITE api on Cloud Server.

@portfolioplus911 for cloud server also need to login daily before market open. or place AMO

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Is there a way to automate the login sequence on the KITE API everyday morning through cloud and fire the DEMAT target order ?

legally no. but you can hack anything :slight_smile:

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You can do this through Coded UI.

Thanks everyone for sharing your inputs.

@sudheer_kumar- How does this coded UI stuff work and does Zerodha allow any changes to the Kite API?
If yes please let me know what would be a good way start learning on this coded UI stuff.

Coded UI basically automating repetitive actions usually done on login ,checking specific parts of a website etc…I don’t think you would be changing anything with kite API when you implement coded UI.Google would be best the best source for learning this

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