BO with SL-M Order

BO looks very convenient for day trading. However, I have a doubt. Appreciate if you could help.

Let’s say, I want to short a stock when that stock hits certain price point, let’s say Rs. 100.00, purely from intraday perspective. What BO does is that it immediately sells the stock at the market prevailing price higher than Rs. 100.00. This could be any price more than 100 say, 102 or 104 whatever. Now, this is not what I want. Want it more like SL-M in which a market order is placed only when the stock hits my intended price (100 in this case) and most of the time it gets a price nearby 100 unlike BO.

Is my understanding correct? Then a follow-up question would be, what could be a quick replacement of BO. Maybe BO w/ SL-M?

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that facility is not available in Kite or Pi.

it is pending feature request.