BO with SL price

Hi, is there any brokerage firm (disc broker pref) which offers SL price based Bracket Orders in MCX. Something similar to OCO SL offered by Upstox in Equity market.

Zerodha does. This is available in Kite 3.0.

Dear Sanket, question is regarding MCX market and Bracket order with SL entry

My bad.

Hi ,

I know that the BO is not provided in MCX under zerodha platform. But would like to know why its so? Because some other discount broker gives permission to place BO (Thought its known as OCO) for MCX. so wanted to know why zerodha is not allowing BO or OCO (one cancels the other) .

As far as I know MCX don’t allow Bo…other brokers might have found a work around…which zerodha doesn’t/can’t offer…just like the most requested GTC orders