Bond in secondary market

Hi All,

If I buy a bond in secondary market will I get the interest paid as per the coupon rate to my bank ? To check I have bought only 4 units of a bond with face value of 1000 from zerodha will I get the interest for this paid ?

As when I see the bond options in golden pi and other bond brokers there the minimum investment is 10 lakh

For example power corporate finance bond in zerodha can be purchased as less as 1000 rs but buying from golden pi minimum investment is 10lakh

Can you please advise if there is any difference


Yes. You’ll get the interest payments to your bank account.

There are some bonds listed in the cash market segment with Rs 1000 FV but 99% of the bonds tend to have higher face values. This is because most of the bonds, even though they are listed, are sold through private placements.

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