Booking loss in swing trading


In swing trading i reached the cap of my allotted capital. Now no infusion of fresh capital. But account is running in loss p and l. Shall i sell loss making stocks and invest that in other big companies?


Without getting into individual stocks - You should follow your system.



Depends on which sector u have done swing trading

I hope its not in the DHFLs and IBULHSGFINs


No it was exactly DHFL and indiabulls :sunglasses:


You lost money but not humour. :grinning:


When you do swing trading in risky stocks, you should have a strict stop loss


No @Newbie420 today stop loss only spoiled my intraday positions. Being office holiday i took intraday today. In Icicidirect due to high volatility they gave only 10 points less stop less trigger. I entered and stop loss got trigerred. But eventually ibhf moved in my direction and reached my target also. It was pathetic


Intraday is worser in those two stocks

Those two (especially DHFL) move like a poisonous frog, even the operator sometimes wont know it will jump up or down next


My trade set up and chemical is best expected such stocks only. With such volatility i used to make lot of profits also but yesterday caught off guarded due to stop loss point set by Icicidirect

Infact later i learnt due to heavy movement in ticks the system took time to update cover order SL boundary and i entered seeing a opportunity exactly in that high volatile time period

I ended the day with Rs 800 loss thanks to TCS intraday which saved much losses at fag end of the day


At the moment, Swing trading is very risky stay away for some days!


You are right, nowadays up down up down drama going on

Its so illogical that Intraday has become safer than Swing trading nowadays


You can’t do intraday today when it is holiday…you will always end up losing in the long run. You need to be consistent and follow a strategy and execute it everyday like a robot. Become immune to money first.