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  1. How to day trade for a living by Andrew Aziz - he is a retail trader like most of us here. His book is exceptionally good and very practical in approach. Not one of those books which tells you that you are going to be a millionaire, instead advocates risk management and discipline to be successful. He also shared the strategies that are commonly used. He uploads his daily day trading videos on youtube everyday and if you were to watch his videos you will know note that he faces losses too and admits when he makes mistakes.

  2. How to day trade: Ross Cameron. Another retail trader.


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Thank you. Received the same. Now i am reading Volume Price Analysis by ANNA COULING


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Very interesting topic, I think I should also read such literature.


Please do let us know your feedback on Volume Price Analysis by ANNA COULING
I wanted to buy it but decided to keep it aside for a while due to lack of feedback and also I have tons of other books to go through


Read Al Brooks series…


@SagarG Thanks Will check these out. BTW any feedback on Volume Price Analysis by ANNA COULING ?


Here we can download most of the ebooks