Books of accounts to be maintained by a trader

Hello I want to record my transactions.

  1. Is there any book or tutorial in this topic.?
  2. Anybody maintaining books by themself please answer.

If u want to maintain it separately on ur own then u can maintain it manually. U can download the trade, p&l report from broker site also it has all details.

Check out this article about this in Varsity…

@NewUser123 @Amey1

I know those things. Income tax dept require some category traders to keep books of accounts. I have some accounting knowledge.if u know a guide like thing, that’s what iam talking about.

Sorry, I thought section 6.3 – Balance sheet, P&L, Book of accounts, in that article walked thru how to create and maintain the book of accounts for traders.

But maybe some CA’s in this forum might be what you’re looking for.

CA can guide you in better way